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Update from Peru

Dear Brethren,

It is a joy for us to be able to address you and to newly thank you for your prayers and for your help.

Esmirna Baptist Church

Last month, we held our anniversary. We had a great program that was very special with more than 20 guests and we finished Sunday evening the 24th with joy and five baptisms. More than twenty brethren went out on Saturday the 16th to evangelize and to visit and it is a great encouragement for us to see them with enthusiasm toward the work of God. The young people prepared a special play and we also took on another missionary for support, Henry Vasquez who is in Pucallpa, making 23 missionaries in total that we support with Berea, Vida Abundante, and Hunter.

Hunter Baptist Church

We have been taking up money to be able to finish the construction on the floor of the church as ceramic tile was lacking about half way back in the sanctuary. This month, we were able to do it, and I thank God for the generosity of the brethren in the church who have also given enough to paint the church.

We held a special program for Holy Week, in which we had more than 30 people that visited our church for the first time. The young people and children prepared a play alluding to the date.

Berea Baptist Church
This month we began our meetings at a new location beside the old one, as the old one will most likely be sold in the coming weeks. The rent will be 120 soles (around $43.00). We begin teen meetings on Saturdays at 6 PM and almost ten young people came all together.

Christian School

This month God permitted us to acquire new tables, chalk boards and a new roof made of plastic to cover the patio where the children have recess. Additionally, we were able to add another Christian lady to the faculty, a pastor’s wife. Two of the teachers will marry this month, Andrea and Alex, who is also pastor of the Bethesda Baptist Church. This will take place on May 27th at the Hunter Baptist Church.

Macedonia Baptist Seminary

The young people went out to help with visitation at the New Hope Baptist in Enace, where Pastor Roger Puma works. This was on Tuesday the 19th. I thank God for the 10 seminary students that went that afternoon to evangelize and for Pastor Roger Puma.

I was preaching the last week of May on the subject of missions and three seminary students accompanied me. The church continues to grow. I ask your prayers for them as well.

I ask your prayers for:

-The first rehearsal for the United Choir, with different churches from the team in our city on Friday the 6th of May.
-Pastor’s Fellowship on Tuesday the 10th of May in the Philadelphia Baptist Church.
-Missions conference that I will preach in Calla the third week of May with Pastor Reuben Effio.

Thank you for your love for the work of God,

Miguel Murillo


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