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Top 5 things about Vision for our 5th anniversary #3 and 2

Top 5 things about Vision #3 and 2.

Number 3 and two on this list are almost intertwined, so I decided to write a double post on this one. Number 3 on this list is the foundations discipleship courses, and the push for discipleship in this church, and number 2 is the friendly attitude the people here have.

It’s the people that make the discipleship courses and life on life studying so great. Without the friendly attitudes of the people at Vision, foundations would be nothing more than a few packets of paper, waiting to be used. It’s the people that make it so exciting, and interesting.

And discipleship at Vision is much, much more than a few lessons in a notebook. It’s one person sharing his or her life with someone else. It’s pouring your life into someone else, and helping them learn to grow in grace and knowledge.

Discipleship is an extremely biblical model, but it’s the people at Vision, and their inviting spirits that make it so special.