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Thank You From Trent

I would like to thank you for praying for my recent research & survey trip. We are currently in Bangkok, Thailand where Philip Bassham and his wife Lori will be moving, Lord willing, in the fall of 2012. We will be back in Atlanta Thursday afternoon.

We have seen some of the most intense demonstrations of false religion in the world. We have seen bodies being burnt on the Ganges River in India. We have seen statues to Buddha all over the city. We have also seen some signs of hope. I had the chance to attend a Bible study out in the village the first night I was in Varanasi. While I was there, I met young people who loved Jesus. We just returned from visiting a striving ministry here in Thailand.

I have had very little internet access. When I have had internet, I have found my limited time would not be sufficient to express all I have seen and felt. I will be posting videos and articles about the trip as soon as we return to the States on my blog You won’t want to miss them. I even have a close encounter with a cobra on you.

Thank you once again.

Committed to His Maximum Glory,
Trent Cornwell