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We love you, James Maguna

Anyone who has ever broken a toe can tell you, when one part of the body hurts, the whole body hurts. It is amazing how a little toe can cause such great pain to the rest of your normal life.

So when James Maguna is hurting, and in a rough time, he, being a part of Vision Baptist Church, is not alone. While it might not be to the full extent he does, we feel his pain, and bear his sorrows as if they were our very own. And we are doing all we can to help our brother in Christ as he prepares to return to Kenya to visit his wife, who is very, very ill.

On Sunday alone, almost 1,700 dollars were raised to help James on his return voyage. And while he physically may soon be gone from among us, we will keep him in our thoughts and prayers, and surely miss him until we meet again.

Vision Baptist loves all of its members, and that especially includes James Maguna. We love him, pray for him, believe in him, and pray God’s blessings upon his life.