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Vision Baptist: Missions Minded

Vision Baptist Church has 135 official members. Of those members, 22 are missionaries. That equates to 16% of the total members.  Those missionaries are going to 8 different countries on 5 different continents.

And at first, 16% doesn’t seem very impressive, but consider this: if 16% of the world’s total population were missionaries, that would be over 1 billion missionaries. One billion.

That’s one out of every six people, give or take. And with all those missionaries on the foreign field, Vision has  given over 450k to missions. Yes, that’s almost half of a million dollars. $450,000. That’s enough to buy any of the following:

1 very nice house

10 new cars

45 in ground swimming pools

450 designer suits

900,000 iPads

And while it might seem foolish to send so many church members around the world, and spend all that money when we don’t own a building, the truth is this: we’d be foolish not to send and spend. Missions is the heartbeat of God’s word, and it is the heartbeat of Vision Baptist. So as we look to send more missionaries to the field, and give more to missions, we would love to have your assistance as we strive to get the gospel unto all nations.


2 responses to “Vision Baptist: Missions Minded”

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    Bro. Gardner,
    You do not know me. I am a 57 yr old Independent Baptist sent out of the same kind of church where we served for 20 yrs. We have been in central mexico for over 14 yrs.

    I read your article on, “Why we are not reaching the world” and was really looking for some clearly defined Biblical answers and then it stopped.

    It is probably my fault as I am not computer savy and just do not know how to retrieve the rest of the story if there is any.

    I need help in the worst kind of way. I pastor 4 small works. (started 2 others, one failed and the other is pastored by another missionary)

    I am so defeated by the lack of response and results. We see maybe 40 to 50 in the biggest work and maybe a total of 100 all said in all 4.

    I do all the preacing and because I have believed the men in the works unqualified I can put little confidence in them to help.(in the sense that they refuse to do what I have taught them to do.)

    I sound horrible I know. I have never taken a furlough. I go door knocking personaly with a hand full of men from each work twice a week and it seems the rest of the time is spent in teaching and preaching.

    I have made an attempt to luanch works in 2 other ajacent states but because of a lack of help have had to put those projects on hold.

    I started to works in 2 different federal prisons and had to quit one as the young men would not attend. The other continues and we are trying to establish a church in it.

    I am building a small apartment for my daughter who serves with us and I spend 4 hrs 3 days a week laying block or what ever else needs to be done.

    I put every one I win that wants to on a discipleship program (28 less)and I still see very little results.

    The people here work constantly and get payed very little. Sun. am is the best attended services then it goes to a few in the eve. and wed.

    I came out of a Hiles back ground in the sense that we went to pastor school every yr. but I have changed some what.

    That is to say we seldom promote and we spend a great deal of time sharing basic Biblical principles from scripture to produce biblical repentance in order that they may believe the Gospel.

    I do not believe repentance is part of the Gospel but that it is essential in order to understand it and believe it. (co-redemptiion, good works are the stumbling factors here)

    The people here generaly lie as well as breath and do not see the need of honesty in general and they absolutely seem incapable of being on time.

    We had one man who was sent from a major Ind. Baptist Univ. to help and commited adultery with a sun. school teacher.
    Another who came frome another Ind. Baptistist church in the area with his pastors bleesing and he stole the churches offerings.
    Another whos picture in a local rag was brought to my attention as a exibitionist who was caught in the act of exposing himself.
    Another man and his wife who have been with me the longest took my place as I went back to the states for a month to help may son, and his wife left him mean while and is with aother man now.

    Most of this has been a while back but it has made me very reluctant to turn a great deal of responsibility over to any of them as they seem to all lack character.

    I have seen several missionaries build and buy with funds from the states and now that they have gone the building is a taco stand or a chicken ranch.

    So you see why your article hit me right where it hurts. I have been struggling for years. Our sending church has problems of its own as our new pastor has been their for a couple of months and would rather I sought advise from others. And were not with a board so I felt led to talk to you.

    I am called but their are times I feel driven by preconcieved ideas and not the Lord. I am tempted to erase this in shame but with a prayer from my heart will send it in hopes that you will forgive my complaint a see my ernest desire to change.

    Missionary in trouble

  2. I would more than love to meet you and talk with you. I understand and feel your pain. Feel free to contact me at [email protected]

    Also, could you please send me the link to what I wrote in this article you mentioned

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