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Opportunities Everywhere

by Jonathan Marks

Our last blog post was titled “Opportunities Abounding.”  That title couldn’t have been more true.
I don’t know about you, but in my Christian life, I look for places to serve God.  I examine my usual favorites–the things I feel “comfortable” doing for God.  Those things that I’ve done before with moderate success.  Things that wouldn’t really cost me too much time, energy, or effort.  Does any of this sound familiar?

But doing those things that are routine for me and kidding myself that they’re for God doesn’t really cost me that much.  It’s not much of a sacrifice.  It’s not reasonable service.

Here’s where I’m going with this—

Last week, I witnessed an incredible door of opportunity fling wide open.  It definitely wasn’t one I’d been knocking at waiting to try.  It wasn’t one I’d really considered much.  But it was the most awesome experience I’ve had in a while.

Our church hosted a Children’s Crusade with Evangelist Ed Dunlop.  We were all passing out invites and telling people everywhere about it.  I volunteered to help recruit kids.  So, I was assigned a neighborhood close to the church.  Several other people and myself spent numerous hours combing our way through that neighborhood over the next week or so.  Someone said we had “farmed” it.  Well, God definitely brought in the harvest!  We were able to run a bus route for the first time at Vision Baptist Church.  Many teens and adults from the church volunteered to ride and help.  The enthusiasm was incredible!  Throughout the week, dozens came to hear the glorious gospel!  Our record attendance was 45 on Wednesday night!  We had several families and parents come as well.  Four children and one mother from that bus accepted Christ last week!  Over 100 contacts have been established, and by God’s grace, we hope to work with them thoroughly as He opens hearts to His Word. We are so humbled that God would do such a tremendous work through us!

What an opportunity!  Remember the previous post’s title?  “Opportunities Abounding”  Well, they are.  Everywhere.  And not always where you expect or want them to be.  God used this bus route to remind me that He can do anything with my life.  Not just the things I feel comfortable trying.  He wants me to dive into His plan for me and see Him do great and mighty things!

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