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Coffey Family Prayer Letter March 2010

Dear Pastor and Church,

We are currently in Minneapolis, MN, and Lord has blessed

with several meetings in Minnesota, Wisconsin, and South Dakota. I was able to bring the whole family on this trip

despite Amy not feeling very well with the baby on the way. I praise the Lord she hasn’t gotten sick one time since we

left. Here are some updates about what is going on in our ministry.


This has been a wild month for our missionaries in Morocco. We have three missionaries (1 single and 1

couple) from Peru there right now with one more couple hopefully arriving at the end of this year. Over 40

missionaries have been kicked out or are going to be kicked out of the country. We do praise God that none of our men

have been kicked out yet. Please be praying. I just found out today the police may be closing in on our group.

I do want you to be praying for one of the Peruvian family,

Renzo Zuniga and his wife Angela. They are missionaries raising support to work in Morocco with our team that is

already on the field. We would like to see them land soon so they can begin learning the language and begin

ministering to the Muslims. The work is great there in North Africa, but we know the Lord can use our small team

to do a big work. My goal is to help him raise $500 of monthly support. If you are interested in helping please let

me know.

New Projects

Please be praying for some of our endeavors. Along with

getting national missionaries to the field, we are in the process of helping veteran missionaries build a media and

material presence in their country.

We are planning now to start offices in major areas of the world where there is little outreach to large people groups.

With the help of the missionary on the field we want to hire one of his faithful men to help produce media and materials

in their language. Amy and I will be heading up each of


these projects until the Lord provides us with representatives for the areas we are targeting.

The four languages we are starting in, Lord willing, will be Arabic- Morocco, More- Burkina Faso, Indonesian-

Indonesia, and Xhosa- South Africa.


We have already started a web page in Indonesian. We plan

to do the same in each of these languages. We are also finding out what it would take to get on the radio in those

countries as well. We have seen mass media make a huge impact in Peru and we know the Lord can use it in other

countries as well.


We also want to translate books and materials in those

languages that we believe will be helpful to the national pastors. If we can better train the nationals we can quickly

multiply the number of churches on the field.

We believe on the average it will cost $1000 per language in order to set up these offices and hire the men necessary

to complete the jobs.

Please be praying for this ministry. We want to follow the Lord’s direction to do all we can to get the Gospel message

to the world.

Here to serve, Mark, Amy, Emilee, and Luke Coffey

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