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Ideas for being a Great Yokefellow

1. Be there for them. Let them know you will always be there with an open, un-condemning, non judgmental ear. Listen to them. Don’t offer so much advice. Let them know that
they are loved and accepted just like they are!

2. Don’t be afraid to tell them the truth but only after you have earned the right by your un-conditional, never threatening love!

3. Give honest opinions when asked. Key is when asked. Pray always, listen always, offer advice and opinions when asked for!

4. Don’t wait for them to contact you or be your friend. Be their friend. Show them that you really are interested!

5. Be loyal. Keep confidences. Stand by your friend

6. Cheer them up when they need it. Try and improve their life any way you can!

7. Be vulnerable. Be who you are. No pretenses. Let them relax with you with no need to impress. Let them be
comfortable around you. Love them when you really know them and their weaknesses!

8. Really be happy at their accomplishments. Value them and what they do!

9. Be there for them when things do not go as expected or as they had hoped!

10.Make time for them. It is not about the money, the gifts, the things but them as a person that you value!