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Play music in Spotify to the “Volumio” device

Turn off projectors

This is very important to preserving bulb life. If they are not shut off, they will likely run all night until Monday or Tuesday morning.


Message Archiving

Instructions to re-categorize videos from “live” section → “videos” section on Youtube

Go to Your Channel > Manage Videos > Live > Click on the “Live Stream” you want to make into a Video > Click “Editor” on the left side of the screen > within the Editor you will need to make some type of change (maybe just a small cut if you don’t really need to edit the clip) > In the top right corner of the screen you will see : Discard, Save, and the “…” options button > Click the “…” Options button > Click Save As New. > Doing this will save your Live Stream Edit as a new Video in Videos Section.