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What is your method of ministry?

“Why we do what we do” is always in alignment with our churches model for ministry ( We want varied activities to help us develop students in these areas. Our activities fall into one of the 4 categories mentioned below. We hope this article helps explain the “why” of the “what we do”.

4 Elements of a Disciple Making Youth Ministry

1. Information on who we are in Christ.

a. Teaching students who the Bible says they should “BE”
b. If you are not learning then you will not be able to teach for long.
c. We must teach them the Bible and show them how to discover the truths on their own.

2. Illustration on what we should do.

a. Modeling to students what they should “DO”
b. Activities give the students an opportunity to watch the youth workers.
c. Have activities that will help them how to live and learn. (formal events to see manners illustrated, athletic events to
demonstrate self control, soul winning to illustrate a desire to see souls saved)
d. During this time you will get a better understanding of the students “BE” level.

3. Imitation of service.

a. Equipping the student to “SERVE”
b. Discipleship is the process of making the learner like the teacher, both in knowledge and in practice.
c. Get them around the people that will help
to serve in a area of ministry they have a
passion for.

4. Involvement in the process.

a. Encourage your students to “TRAIN” others.
b. Allow them to do some the things in the ministry you do. (Teach them a lesson on baptism, have them watch you teach the
lesson on baptism, have them teach you the lesson on baptism, watch them as they teach)
c. Allow them to take a supervised ownership of some part of the ministry.