Spanning the Gap

Adult Bible Fellowship

Spanning the Gap

In every group of people that is made up of people of all different ages there can be a tendency to have a gap between the older and the younger generations. Unless you are intentionally about the unity between the two groups they can slowly drift apart. The “Spanning the Gap” has made it their mission to strengthen the church by spanning the gap between the older and younger generations. It is the work of the entire church to stand in the gap between Jesus and the world who does not know Him. This Adult Bible Fellowship helps us remain in that gap by helping us stay a close knit, multi generational church!

They meet every Sunday morning at 9:30 am. They meet in the back of the auditorium (you will receive assistance finding our different Adult Bible Fellowships when you enter the foyer).  Pastor Warren Frick and Jeff Mize lead the class in lively discussions, helpful Bible lessons, and activity on a bimonthly basis.

You will find a variety of people who attend this Adult Bible Fellowship.


  • Parents of teenagers.
  • Middle Age Couples and Singles
  • People who are recently retired.
  • Single Parents

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