Requirements for membership

There are two requirements for membership in a baptist church like Vision Baptist Church:
  • a person must be born again. The basic Biblical criteria for church membership is being born again
  • a person must have been scripturally baptized after they were born again. We define scriptural baptism as that baptism which has been administered by the authority that Jesus gave to His church and is done so by immersion. (We would love to explain to you why we believe this is the proper picture.)

Receiving of members

How does Vision Baptist Church receive members?
  • by baptism – anyone baptized by Vision Baptist Church is considered a member of the church
  • by letter – we would receive members who have been saved and scripturally baptized in another Baptist church of like faith and order. We would secure a letter from that church stating that the candidate was a member of that church in good standing
  • by statement – in cases where a letter cannot be secured from the other church, we would accept a person upon their testimony of salvation and scriptural baptism
Membership Form This electronic form does not replace the one on one conversation that one of our staff members will have with you.

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