Sunday in Review

We had another great service here at Vision Baptist Church!

Sunday morning Chestley Howell got baptized. We had over 60 mothers in the English service, and it was a wonderful time celebrating our mothers. Ben Mize preached from John 21. We need to remember God saved us and we should give back to Him. I preached from Proverbs 31, celebrating our mothers and virtuous women. 

I am very excited about all that God is doing in our church. We are able to have services again, and since the missionaries don’t have meetings right now, attendance has been steady. Many of our church members are still watching online.

Sunday evening Allison Flowers joined the church by transfer of letter. Greg Keelan preached from Galatians 1. Jesus obeyed God and gave Himself for our sins so we could be delivered from our sins. I preached from Psalm 22 about how God suffered for us. God bore our sin so we could be saved and have eternal life with Him. We need to live a life focused on serving Him.

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