Sunday in Review

We had another great service here at Vision Baptist Church!

I was very excited to have church Sunday morning. The number of people in attendance tremendously blessed me as we had 164 people. People also watched online, and I am excited that all together, God has preserved our church family. 

Chase Southard baptized Wyatt Green, and that was an exciting time. Two other people will be baptized in the next few weeks, and I am thankful for that. We also had quite a few visitors in the service, and that was encouraging. 

David Dipboye preached from Genesis 26. God blesses us even in the struggle of life, and we need to be willing to give back to Him. I preached from Psalm 19 about how God reveals Himself to mankind. We are God’s children, and He made us. We need to take time to worship and praise our Creator.

Sunday evening, Chestley Howell preached from Psalm 118. We need to praise the Lord every day for His goodness to us. I preached Psalm 20 about how we are under the banner of the cross. The devil will do anything he can to ruin lives. We must prepare for the day of battle. We prepare for the day of battle by reading and studying God’s Word. We can live in victory because God has already won.

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