Sunday in Review

Sunday morning we had our service via live stream. David Dipboye preached the offering message from Genesis 22. We need to readily surrender to God’s plan and trust Him with the outcome. I preached from Psalm 11. We trust God no matter what. All the earth may be in chaos but God says all is in order because He is always in control. We must keep our focus on Him.

Sunday evening we had our split sessions via zoom and had almost 130 devices all signed in.

In man church, the men were challenged to be of one mind even when not in one room. Trent Cornwell preached from Philippians 4 about the work of a true yoke fellow.

In the ladies session, special music was done by Kristen Mize and the  Bush and Penrod families. Leisa Littlefield gave a missionary update from the Cookes in Guatemala, and Olivia Penrod gave a five minute lesson from Psalm 118. Maria Morgan taught a lesson and Mrs. Betty ended the session with a sweet time of prayer.

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