Sunday in Review

This has been a wild week!

Sunday morning, which was supposed to be our celebration Sunday of 14 years, we had a live stream service. Several people showed up to be at the service in spite of being told not to come. David Dipboye preached the offering devotion from Genesis 15. We give because we’re telling the Lord thank you for all He has done for us. I preached from Philippians 4. For prayer to defeat our worry, we must be trustful, thoughtful, and thankful. Prayer is a place of rest.

Sunday evening, we had another live stream service, and Chris Fies led a couple songs. I preached from Psalm 91, on how to get your thoughts under control. We strengthen our faith by praying, reading God’s Word, and acting on our faith. We are in a spiritual war right now, but God has promised to protect us. We give thanks to Him in everything, and we focus on His truth during these times.

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