Sunday in Review

We had another great service here at Vision Baptist Church!

Sunday morning Graham Young baptized Charlotte Weed. Micah Rastelli and his family leave for Bosnia on Friday, and we heard about his plans to start a church when he returns. Kanon Bloom is on furlough from his time in China, and he gave a ministry update as well. David Dipboye preached the offering message from Genesis 14. We need to tithe because we want to, and we understand that all we have has been given to us by God. I preached from Psalm 3. when we sin; we sin against God. When we’re in trouble, no matter what we’ve done, we can always turn to God because only God can save us.

Sunday evening Josh Holloway preached the Lord’s Supper from Matthew 27. We need to remember the blood and body of Jesus. I preached from Jeremiah 19. Sometimes it’s too late to get right. Sin has drastic consequences, and we need to turn away from our sin, so we don’t lose our day of grace. The Whitholm family is headed to Greece to help spread the gospel, so we prayed over them.

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