Sunday in Review

We had an exciting week here at Vision Baptist Church!

Before the Sunday services I was blessed to have the Spanish Church men come and pray over me before preaching. I appreciated their prayers.

Sunday morning David Dipboye gave the offering message. He preached from Luke 2 about how this Christmas season is about celebrating the gift of Jesus’s birth and salvation. I preached from 2 Peter 3. The topic of my sermon was how Jesus is coming again, and we need to live in expectancy of His return. Jesus came the first time and just like He said, He will come back again. We believe and expect Him to do what He says.

Sunday evening, the children’s choir sang, and then we had two specials sang in Bosnian, Spanish, Sign Language, and Swahili. Brett Broadrick gave a ministry update on Kason and Nancy Bloom, our missionaries to China. Micah Rastelli also gave an update and asked us to help him pray that they would continue to learn the language, be able to register a church and that God would see people saved. I finished my message from this morning about how we need to desire Christ’s return.

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