Sunday in Review

We had another great service here at Vision Baptist Church this week!

Sunday morning, Ben Mize gave the offering message from Proverbs 21. His message was about how the only sufficient offering was the death of Jesus on the cross, so when we give, we need to make sure our attitude is joyful because of the sacrifice that God made for us. I preached from Job 28 about how we need wisdom. To find wisdom, we must humbly go to God and learn to fear Him. Brendon and Elise Wung, officially joined Vision Baptist Church. It is a privilege to have them as members of our church, and to have them go out and represent Vision Baptist Missions and The Center for World Evangelism.

Sunday evening, we had the Lord’s Supper. Trent Cornwell preached from Matthew 26 and reminded us that we need to live in remembrance of Christ’s death for our sins. I preached from Jeremiah 7, and the topic of my message was how we don’t need to abuse God’s grace.

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