Sunday in Review

We had another great service here at Vision this week!

Sunday morning David Dipboye preached the offering message from Genesis 11 about how we need to make sure we are bringing glory to God’s name through our giving. I preached from Job 26. The topic of my message was about how we need to build true Christian friendships. A few traits a real friend exhibits are acceptance, love, and a desire to share the gospel.

Sunday evening, we had our split session. In the lady’s session, Kelli Canfield gave her testimony and gave a devotion from Titus 2 about how we need to train young women in ministry. It was a wonderful time of prayer, fellowship, and encouragement.

In the men’s split session, Jeff Bush preached from Psalm about what sin can keep you from. Robert Canfield talked about William Carey and the importance of the yoke-fellow ministry.

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