Sunday in Review

We had another great service here at Vision this week!

Sunday morning Kyle Shreve did the offering message from Hebrews 11. He preached about how we give based on faith, not based on our understanding. Robert Canfield made his announcement to the church about becoming a missionary. I had the privilege of spending time with my favorite group of people here at Vision and am glad to be back. I preached from Job 25, and the topic of my message was that we are made clean and right only through God’s saving grace and how good He is to us. Attendance was down because of the holiday weekend.

Sunday evening Greg Keelen did the offering message. He preached from 1 Samuel 16 and explained that we can trust God’s word and His will. I preached from Jeremiah 6 and preached about how we need to be instructed by God’s word on how to live our life. Tonight we also accepted five new missionaries, and they are listed below. 

Robert and Kelli Canfield: Africa
Adam and Angel Ragsdale: Thailand
Kyle and Hannah Shreve: Chile
Andrew Garcia: Honduras
Jens Looney: Indonesia 

I am excited to see how God is going to use these new missionaries and ask that you keep them in your prayers.

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