Sunday in Review

We had another great service here at Vision Baptist Church!

Sunday morning, we had a great morning service. The choir sang, and later in the service Angel Ragsdale, and David Burkhart sang a special with Kristen Mize on the piano and Ben Mize on the guitar. Ben Mize also did a devotional from Deuteronomy 1. He spoke on how God will not withhold good things from us, so we shouldn’t let fear rule us. Trent Cornwell preached a message titled, Let God Speak, from Job 11. We need to learn to speak God’s truth with His love and humility. He did a wonderful job, and we appreciate him stepping in to preach!

Sunday evening, we had our split session. In the lady’s session, Olivia Penrod did a devotional out of Ephesians 5 and explained the importance of how we need to gird ourselves with God’s truth. Natasha Tolson also did a devotional from Psalms 46. She shared her testimony and discussed how we need to trust God with everything that happens in our life.

In the men’s session, Stephen McClure preached from John 9 and spoke about how God can be honored in all situations. Trent Cornwell also preached, and his message was from Psalms 36. His message explained that God is all-sufficient for us and that God’s goodness should motivate us to delight in who God is. Noah Combs, Chestley Howell, and Michael Weed, all stood and gave their testimonies during the service as well. Mark Tolson closed the service by preaching from Romans 9 and challenging people to pray.

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