Just a boy

Photo by Katrina Knapp on Unsplash

Judges 8:20 And he said unto Jether his firstborn, Up, and slay them. But the youth drew not his sword: for he feared, because he was yet a youth. 

Gideon calls on his firstborn to kill a man. Jether is still young. He is dressed up like a soldier. He carries a sword. He looks the part but hasn’t matured yet. He lives in fear. The disobedience angers Gideon.

I see an excellent example of the need to disciple and train our people. Too often, Christians learn to look like they know what they are doing but do not really understand. They learn the lingo. They have a superficial relationship with the Lord.

They are not ready for battle. They are young and afraid, spiritually. We can help them. We need to be discipling them. We need to spend time with them. We need to teach them the how and the why. They will be ready for battle if we do our part.

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