Sunday in Review

We had another wonderful service here at Vision Baptist Church!

Sunday morning, the choir sang and later in the service there was a special sung by Maria, Caroline, and Johanna, with Charlotte on the piano, and Josh Holt playing the guitar. David Dipboye gave a devotional from Genesis 4 about how we must offer our best to God. Robert Canfield preached out of Job 6 about how we must run to God when we feel the heaviness of life’s struggles in our souls. 

Sunday evening, Chestley, a new training center student, gave his testimony and explained how the Lord led him to Vision Baptist Church. Chase preached from Romans 5 and explained how Jesus’s death on the cross is the greatest love story ever told. Later in the service, Maria, Johanna, Caroline, and Jalyssa, with Charlotte on the piano and Josh on the guitar, sang a special. Trent Cornwell preached from Isaiah 63 and spoke on a coming revival. Meaning, we don’t have to wait on anything to experience closeness with God. At the end of the service, the missionary wives prayed over Courtney Mathos, who will be leaving tomorrow morning to begin her 6 month internship to Bolivia. We are excited to see how God is going to use her during this time and ask that you please keep Courtney in your prayers.

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