Hungry for meat

Photo by Paul Hermann on Unsplash

Psalm 78:18 And they tempted God in their heart By asking meat for their lust.

God was providing every day for His people. They were eating “angel food!” They became dissatisfied. I can imagine that at first, they were super happy with what God was doing. Then they ate the same thing every day, day after day. They began to remember other meals. They began to think of what would taste good.

They forgot that they had just been slaves in Egypt watching their babies be killed. They forgot that God had rescued them by His mighty hand. They forgot that God was meeting every need they had. They began to focus on what they wanted and to forget to be grateful. They became dissatisfied.

I would be highly critical if this were not my story. I often do the same. I forget to count my blessings. I forget to be thankful. I think of what I want instead of all that He is doing for me. I begin to desire meat, anything God isn’t providing at the moment.

Do you realize that when they tempted God, they were in effect, insulting Him? They were saying that God wasn’t enough. God should do more. They were accusing God of not loving and providing for them. We hate that in our children and yet develop the same attitude. I am under conviction, just thinking of this verse.

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