Don’t do what they do

Photo by Kaung Myat Min on Unsplash

Matthew 23:3 All therefore whatsoever they bid you observe, that observe and do; but do not ye after their works: for they say, and do not.

The religious leaders were teaching the people to do the right things. However, they were not doing what they taught. They were religious hypocrites. They told people to do what they didn’t do themselves. They taught truth and lived a lie.

How often do we as parents do this? We tell our children to do what we know to be right, but we don’t practice what we teach. Do you think that your children can’t see through that?

I do not want to be like those religious liars. I do not want to live a double life. Somewhat do not forgive tell others to forgive. Others do not give but teach their people to give. Others do not pray but proclaim that all should. Let’s live what we teach.

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