Pathfinder of the Sea

Isaiah 43:16 Thus saith the LORD, which maketh a way in the sea, And a path in the mighty waters;

Seemingly obscure passages in the Bible have been believed by many of old. One such person is Matthew Maury.  You can find an interesting article about Matthew Maury by clicking here.

Matthew was a Christian who loved reading his Bible. He didn’t doubt the Word of God or its accuracy. Based on his Bible reading and study he began studying the ocean and the winds. There are more verses about the paths of the sea in the Bible. As he read them, he started to believe it to be true and determine to find those paths.

He did all sorts of scientific experiments. He involved many others. He developed charts of ocean currents that were the paths of the seas.  His belief in the truth of the Bible led to him being elected to the Hall of Fame for Great Americans. A monument erected in his honor on Monument Avenue, Richmond, Virginia, reads: ‘Matthew Fontaine Maury, Pathfinder of the Seas, the genius who first snatched from the oceans and atmosphere the secret of their laws. His inspiration, Holy Writ, Psalm 8:8; Ecclesiastes 1:6.’

It is often claimed that the Bible is not a scientific textbook. Yet the Bible’s accuracy when touching on scientific subjects has led many great scientists, including Matthew Maury, to some outstanding scientific discoveries.

Will you believe the Bible? Will you expect to see God’s Word come true?

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