Dare you say such a thing!

Nehemiah 13:14 Remember me, O my God, concerning this, and wipe not out my good deeds that I have done for the house of my God, and for the offices thereof.

Nehemiah calls on God to remember what he has done. He has been serving God. Nehemiah built the wall. He restored worship. Nehemiah helped the temple and the work of God. He had been a blessing to all the work of God there in his day.

Now in prayer, he calls on God not to forget what he has done. He has done enough with his life that he wants it remembered. What have you done with your life? Have you done anything worth remembering?

What a clean conscience he must have had to pray a prayer like this one. He had lived his life on purpose for a purpose. He had accomplished something. I want to live the rest of my life on purpose. I want to do and achieve things worth remembering. How about you?

Photo by Ryan Tauss on Unsplash

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