Anyone but God

Isaiah 30:1  Woe to the rebellious children, saith the Lord, That take counsel, but not of me; And that cover with a covering, but not of my spirit, That they may add sin to sin:

God’s people loved themselves and not God. They were His but not living out who they were. They refused to allow God to direct and lead their lives. They sought worldly counsel. Worldly means from the “Anti God System!” This system is driven by the first and greatest rebel, Satan. The spirit of rebellion is at work in all those that do not believe God.

People want to be their own god. They want to decide their fate and their future. They want life without the life giver. They want what they want and refuse to listen to what God wants. They rewrite morality. They rewrite the most fundamental aspects of human relationships. There is no higher judge than the will of the people.

I do not want to rebel. I want to seek God and His will. I wish His blessings on my life and that of my family.

Photo by Robert Anasch on Unsplash

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