The Dung Gate

Nehemiah 3:14 But the dung gate repaired Malchiah the son of Rechab, the ruler of part of Beth-haccerem; he built it, and set up the doors thereof, the locks thereof, and the bars thereof.

There are gates all around the city of Jerusalem. Nehemiah and the team are busy repairing and rebuilding it all. One of the gates is named the dung gate. Now that has to be a little funny to most of us. The truth is though that we must get rid of the waste or the whole city will be contaminated.

Just outside the dung gate is the famous area called the valley of Hinnom. That is where all the waste was disposed of. It is the word Jesus used to picture Hell, Gehenna. It was the place where the worm didn’t die, and the fire never went out.

We need to get rid of waste, or we will not be healthy. This gate was critical even if it sounded sort of nasty. We need to see sin as filthy as the waste, the dung, that it is. We need to get it out and dispose of it.

Are you getting sin out of your life? Are you seeking to live a life that brings honor and glory to God? Put away whatever in your life that does not bring glory to God.

Photo by Jack Harner on Unsplash

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