Mark 13:37 And what I say unto you I say unto all, Watch.

Jesus is coming soon. Satan wants to destroy the work of God. We are commanded to watch, to stay awake, to stay alert, to be on the lookout. We, easily, get complacent about our spiritual walk. We just get into robot or zombie mode. We go through the motions. We think that life just goes on.

We used to be careful about sin. We used to think that it was essential to watch out for Satan’s attack. We used to believe that Jesus would come soon and we should be ready but the years have gone by. Time has moved on. We have gotten used to the environment where we live. We get our eyes off of eternity. We focus on this world. Life lulls us to sleep. We are no longer awake, alert, or enthusiastic about the things of God.

This verse is for us. Let’s wake up and get back into the service of our king. Let’s keep our eyes open. Let’s be ready for whatever happens. Stay on guard.

Photo by Zachary Young on Unsplash

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