Going to Keep His promise

Genesis 50:24 And Joseph said unto his brethren, I die: and God will surely visit you, and bring you out of this land unto the land which he sware to Abraham, to Isaac, and to Jacob.

As Joseph was dying, he reminded his family that God had plans for them all. God would take them out of the land of Egypt. God would take them back to the promised land. God had given His Word to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob and you can believe that God will keep HIs promise.

Joseph knew the promise and believed it. We should be that confident in God and His Word. God has made significant and beautiful promises about our salvation. God is going to great things.

Do you believe God? Do you expect all of His promises to come true? You can trust Him. He has always kept His promises. He can not lie.

Photo by Ben White on Unsplash

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