Just passing through

Psalm 39:4 LORD, Make me to know mine end, And the measure of my days, what it is; That I may know how frail I am.

God help us to know that we are weak and in desperate need of you. Our human bodies are fragile. We have a very definite limited lifespan. We get confused though. We begin to think that we are something. We think we are strong. We believe that we will live so much longer than we will. We do not expect to get old and weak. We do not expect cancer or other health problems to hit us. They get others, but we are not expecting them.

Because we do not see the frailty of our lives, we do not think about God enough. We believe that we will get around to putting God first. We are not old like our parents or our grandparents. We have plenty of time. That causes us to make foolish decisions. That causes us to live with pride and arrogance.

God help us to count our days. Help us to realize that things will soon be over on this planet. Help us to think about what matters, and that is you.

Photo by Alexandre Debiève on Unsplash

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