Goers and Senders

Ezra 1:4 And whosoever remaineth in any place where he sojourneth, let the men of his place help him with silver, and with gold, and with goods, and with beasts, beside the freewill offering for the house of God that is in Jerusalem.

This passage of the Bible illustrates the concept of Goers and Senders. They were setting out to build the temple in Jerusalem. Some would have a desire to go. Others would not. Those that did not go promised to help those that went. They might remain in their homes, but they wouldn’t be out of the work of the Lord. Some sacrificed by going and others by helping financially. Some were senders or assisting the goers.

We should all be involved in world evangelism. Getting the gospel to the world should be on all of our hearts. We should hunger to see others find the joy that we have found in Christ and salvation. Some will go. Many will not go. They will remain in their place. They should realize that they too are responsible for getting the gospel to the world. If they get to stay home, then they should sacrifice to get the gospel to the world.

Photo by Nina Strehl on Unsplash

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