God touches hearts

This was originally posted here in 2009. As I was reading through the Bible again I wanted to repost it!

1 Samuel 10:26 And Saul also went home to Gibeah; and there went with him a band of men, whose hearts God had touched.

One of the most significant pressures anyone that is serving God feels is to get disciples that they can lead and train on to maturity. This verse has always been a great comfort to me. I have been able to trust that if God would raise up a band of men to follow Saul by touching their hearts that He can and will do the same for me.

I have prayed this prayer many times and continue to do so. I regularly ask God to bring me the men and women that He would have form part of the ministry that He has given me. I ask Him to provide me with young men that I can train for the ministry, and He has always done so.

I want to encourage each of you, that are missionaries, pastors, or just members of the church that are discipling others to know that God will touch hearts. When God has a place of leadership for you, then He will work to get the people to you that you can lead and train.

So that means two things, get ready to train because God is going to bring them, never try to coerce people into being discipled or allowing you to prepare them. Trust God to bring them and give them a desire.

Pray that God will send you people. It is His ministry. He wants to use you so get involved in actively asking Him.

You can be confident that He touches hearts. He will raise up someone for you to help.

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