Jesus is more important

Matthew 4:22 And they immediately left the ship and their father, and followed him.

When Jesus was calling disciples they followed Him. The thing that most impresses me is what they left. They left their ship, their business. They left their livelihood. They gave up their wealth. They gave up their future. They gave up all that men are measured by. They left their ship.

They left their father. That means they left their family. They left his authority. They left his desires. They hurt their mother and their dad. They chose Jesus over flesh and blood. They chose against all natural desire.

Jesus was more important than their fortune or their father. Jesus was more important than their security or safety. Jesus was more important than all. A relationship with Jesus was more than a relationship with the one that brought them into the world.

Do I love Jesus? Is He worth more than everything or anyone else?

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