Member Spotlight: The Gibbys


This week we are spotlighting Joe and Rhonda Gibby, who have been members of Vision Baptist Church almost from the beginning! I have greatly enjoyed learning about the Gibby’s story and I hope you will too.


Joe Gibby grew up having a Christian mother, grandmother, and a few other Christian aunts and uncles. Around the age of nine or ten his mother started taking him to church. Before, they had been moving around too much because of his dad’s job to join a church.  Thankfully, the  relocating slowed at that time, allowing them to always be in church. One night, when Joe was thirteen years old, he realized he was a sinner and accepted Christ at his Savior at Calvary Baptist Church.



Rhonda’s parents divorced when she was still an infant. However, both sides of her family took her to church. Despite the minor differences in the churches, she grew up regularly hearing the gospel. At seven years old, she got saved. Both her grandmothers helped her grow as a young Christian.

After Joe and Rhonda got married, they attended local churches. But it wasn’t until they moved to St. Louis, Missouri that they first met Christians who really had a heart for foreign missions. Because of the influence of these friends, Rhoda began praying that God would use her somehow in reaching the world with the gospel.

In 2005 their jobs brought them to Alpharetta. At the time, both their jobs required much travel. As usual, they started attending a local church, but weren’t feeling very “connected”.


One day they received a flyer from Vision Baptist Church, but since they were already going to church Rhonda thought nothing of it and tossed it in the trash. Later that week, when she emptied the trash can, the flyer sat at the bottom of the can “staring” at her. She placed it in the larger bag and disposed of it outside. Yet, a few days later it showed up at the bottom of the outside trash can! Without hesitation, she called Joe and told him she thought they just had to go check out this church! In 2006 they joined World Vision Baptist Church, as it was called at the time.

Since then, they’ve enjoyed serving God through many different ministries. They are thankful for God allowing them to be involved in missions through faith promise opportunities and becoming yokefellows with the Holt family in Chile. Rhonda enjoys serving in the nursery as well.

They love Vision because of the great Bible teaching and preaching. They love going through the Bible verse by verse. They are thankful for the numerous opportunities Vision has available for any and everyone to train and serve both locally and literally around the globe. They believe the level of investment in personal discipleship sets Vision apart. We are thankful to have the Gibbys in our church family!

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