They excitedly published the news

Esther 8:10 And he wrote in the king Ahasuerus’ name, and sealed it with the king’s ring, and sent letters by posts on horseback, and riders on mules, camels, and young dromedaries:

Esther has been successful. The king has granted a means of saving her people. They excitedly take the news to the entire country.

We have salvation granted to the whole world by our king. He has written and sealed it with His blood. He commands us to take that news to the entire world.

Will we get excited about taking the gospel to the world? Will we seek every means of transportation and use them to carry the good news? The message has been given. We have the good news. The world can be saved for eternity by what Jesus did on the cross. Will we get excited enough to carry the message every where?

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