Haman can’t see anything past himself

Esther 6:6 So Haman came in. And the king said unto him, What shall be done unto the man whom the king delighteth to honour? Now Haman thought in his heart, To whom would the king delight to do honour more than to myself?

The king has decided that he must honor Mordecai. Haman can’t imagine that the king would be thinking of anyone but him. God is at work. God has kept the king awake. The king has heard about what Mordecai did. Now is the time to honor him.

Haman sets up everything that he can think that he would want. The story only gets sadder for this man as we go forward.

I wonder how much I have made me the focus of my thoughts. I wonder how much I want my success and do not consider what others might want or need. This story is the perfect illustration for what happens when pride takes over. Haman’s pride will be his destruction.

His jealousy of another, his envy of Mordecai, causes him to act irrationally. It has taken over his life and blinded him. He is headed for destruction and not the success he so desperately wants.

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