The sins of the parents did affect their children

Ezra 5:12 But after that our fathers had provoked the God of heaven unto wrath, he gave them into the hand of Nebuchadnezzar the king of Babylon, the Chaldean, who destroyed this house, and carried the people away into Babylon.

God doesn’t judge us for the sins of our parents but we still can suffer the consequences of their sin. My children may suffer because of me.

To give a major idea of this would be to consider if I were to commit adultery, get a divorce, or in my drunkenness kill someone that would definitely affect my children. They would indirectly be paying for my sin.

These people in the book of Ezra are suffering because their parents had provoked the God of heaven. He had judged their country. Now their children were living in captivity because of their parent’s sin.

I know that we have all failed. I know that we all are sinners but I want to be careful to live out my faith so that God will be blessed in and through me. I also do not want my children paying any greater price because of my selfish sin!

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