Sunday in Review 7-26

This morning at Vision Baptist Church, we learned great truths about government and God from Matthew chapter 22. When the Pharisees and Sadducees came to entangle Jesus in a trap by asking Him questions about politics, Jesus responded in a way that teaches us many lessons.

First, He acknowledged the government and each citizen’s responsibility to it. We, as Christians are to obey the law and be good citizens of our country. We are commanded to obey, honor, and pray for those in rule over us.

Yet, our true allegiance belongs to One who is greater than any president or king, and that is God. We are citizens of a heavenly kingdom, and we seek to please God alone with our lives. While we are obedient and respectful to the governemt, our focus is on honoring God with everything that we say and do. This includes being willing to suffer for His name when man’s law supersedes the law of God!

Our youth group spent their Sunday attending Omega Baptist Church in Arequipa, Peru. Keep our teenagers in your prayers as they will be attending the Youth Congress in Arequipa this week, as well as seeing the ministry in Peru.

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The country of the week this week is Cuba! Watch this 45 second video to learn a little more about it, and pray for laborers in the country of Cuba.

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