Understanding the promise

Genesis 3:20 And Adam called his wife’s name Eve; because she was the mother of all living.

They were to die on the day they ate tat fruit and they knew that. They did die. They lost all the wonderful things that they had had in the garden of Eden.

As God spoke to Adam he couldn’t believe his ears. Sin had brought destruction into their lives. They were out of the garden! The ground was cursed. But God came to them. He is always coming to us. He didn’t come in judgment. God came in love. He came offering a sacrifice. Blood was shed as a symbol of how Jesus would come one day and take on Himself the sins of the world.

Then he heard it. They weren’t going to die. The Lamb died in their place. They were going to live.

Adam turns to Eve and calls her the mother of all living. Not the lady that is about to die but the mother of all living will be her name. We are going to live. We are going to have children. Things aren’t over they are just beginning.

Now they are going to see God showing His love and at work bringing them back to Himself. So on what should have been the darkest day Adam sees the light. Adam names his wife, Eve, the mother of all living.

Can you grasp just how wonderful His story is? He loves us! He is always coming after us! Adam saw and understood that.

After messing up so bad that it should have been over God shows up and fixes Adam’s mess. That is exactly what He has done for you. Trust Him today and all that He has done through the cross of Jesus for you!

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