Doing right in God’s sight

II Kings 18:3 And he did that which was right in the sight of the LORD, according to all that David his father did.

Hezekiah is doing the right thing. He is getting rid of the idols. He is loving God and only God. He hung on to God and would have no other.

Right is not what I think it right. It is not what society says is right. It is what is right in the Lord’s eyes. It was politically correct and expedient to love God and all the other gods at the same time.

Many of God’s people were guilty of a divided heart. They did give a good part of their heart to God but much of their heart was given to other gods.

That is much of how we live. We love God but other “gods,” “idols” claw away at our hearts. We do love God but not exclusively.

I find myself divided so many times. Not for false gods but for things. Material goods, money, popularity, toys, fun, security, acceptance want my attention. I seem unwilling to just love Jesus and trust Him exclusively.

Maybe trust isn’t the right word. I trust Him. I just want other things too.

He said I had to love Him and hate the other. I find that difficult often. Do you? I have to say yes to Him and no to the other!

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