Crave the Word

I Peter 2:2 As newborn babes, desire the sincere milk of the word, that ye may grow thereby:

This verse speaks of a baby that is just minutes old. They are desperately hungry for their mother’s milk. They cry for that milk. It is their greatest need. Their very life depends on that milk.

That is how we are to feel about the Word of God. There should be a strong craving like extreme hunger. It is the love that a husband feels for his beloved wife.

The desire is for sincere milk of the Word. The pure milk or not contaminated milk of the Word.

There is no command to read the Bible, to memorize the Bible or even study and meditate mentioned in this verse. All of that will be the natural outflow from this longing, this desire, this craving we feel for the Word of God.

As we get the Word we will not be underdeveloped or malnourished. We will be strong and mature in Christ. We will grow. The Word will develop all in us that we need. We will find out who we are. We will see the Word of God work in us!

The Word of God will cause us to grow up to be exactly who we are to be!

That is why we so desperately hunger for His Word. That is why you should be attending a church that believes strongly in expositional or verse by verse preaching of the Word of God. You should be in every service. You should want to hear and learn from what God’s Word says.

Sadly, today, many churches have plenty of self help and motivational speaking that uses the Bible but isn’t coming directly from the Word of God. It is not the sincere, pure, unadulterated Word but rather what we seek to use to draw men to our church.

Crave the Word. It is the natural thing for a newborn baby in Christ to do!

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