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This is such an exciting opportunity for the Come and See India team! It is a huge endeavor but we are excited to work with Fundamental Media on this project we both feel so strongly can be used of God to help awaken people to the incredible need in northern India.

A God-given desire.

I would hope, pray, and expect that by now if you know me you know I have a great desire to see Gospel-preaching churches planted among the people of northern India. My desire is the same for the whole world but with special emphasis in places where so little is being done, as is the case in northern India. I do not believe that this is just a “great desire” but a God-given desire.

From God’s Word I have learned of the exclusivity of the Gospel, the importance of the local church, the urgency of the need, and most importantly the sufficiency of the Gospel! From studying history, seeing the field first-hand, and spending time in conversations with those who work in this area of the world I have learned some things that have helped illustrate the lessons learned from God’s Word. I have learned that there is a super high attrition rate among the missionaries that attempt to work in northern India. I have learned that many groups do not value church-planting. I have even learned that many groups have been inclusive in their view of other faiths as a means of salvation. All of this helps increase my desire, my God given desire, to see God do a work among these people!

A God-given dream.

With the aforementioned desires God has given me I have dreams to do something about the situation. It is what some would label a “holy discontent” that I must do something lest I die pulling at my heart!

These are not dreams that happen at night, they are not dreams that contradict God’s Word, and they are not dreams that are promised to me to be fulfilled. With the doctrine of the Bible coupled with the desires this understanding gives me I ask God to give me wisdom to know how to serve His will. The dreams that come from God-given desires from God-given doctrine are in my opinion what I refer to as a “God given dream.”

A God-given dream I have had for the people of India is that I would be given an opportunity to “tell the story of India that has changed my life.” In the context of what I knew, my time in India has radically changed my life (schedule, hobbies, reading, talking, and praying.) I felt such an overwhelming desire to tell the story to my wife that I just had to take her there eight months after I went there for the first time. This was not an easy decision financially – but I felt it necessary for my wife to have the same things burning in her heart that burn in mine.

When given an opportunity to speak to a new group of people I typically use the opportunity to tell of what I saw in India and what we should want to see there! One of the main ways I have wanted to tell this story is through the form of a non-fiction documentary! I had been praying that I would be given this opportunity someday. I had been expecting it to be 10 – 20 years down the road.

A God-given opportunity.

Three months ago I had the opportunity to meet Daniel Irmler, President of Fundamental Media. He was in the area visiting some family. His brother-in-law, Jeff Bush, and I accepted an offer by him to meet for lunch. I was looking forward to it. I have great respect for him and the ministry that he leads.

Over lunch he began to share with me their desire to use their God-given talent in film making to help direct hearts towards the needs of the world. As he spoke my heart almost leaped out of my chest as this was a discussion about something I had been dreaming about for the last couple years.

Towards the end of our time together we had decided to look at the possibility of a joint venture between Vision Baptist Missions and Fundamental Media to tell the story of India! Today, March the 18th, I am headed to Fresno, California to spend the week at the offices of Fundamental Media to work on this project!

A friend’s appeal for help.

As you can understand I am extremely excited about the potential of this documentary to make an impact and wake up my fellow Americans who are in a deep sleep having the American dream! I would love to take all of my family, friends, every church, pastor, Sunday school teacher, and anyone else to India to see it first-hand. This documentary is my best opportunity at doing this!

If you are reading this there is a good chance that we know each other and there is a great chance that you know the Jesus that I love and serve. As a friend I would like to ask for you to help me in this God given desire, dream, and now opportunity!

Would you commit to pray for us as we ask God to lead us in making plans for the documentary?

Would you email me at and let me know that you are in this with us!  There will be need for help in the area of research, promotion, and distribution. Doing so would also serve as a great form of encouragement to us!

Would you be on the lookout for an opportunity to help fund this project? Fundamental Media has purchased the needed film equipment for a project of this level. They have not only given thousands of dollars towards the project but they have also donated thousands of dollars in man hours. Vision Baptist Missions will be behind the project 100% as well. I will be asking for your help to see this dream become a reality.


by Trent Cornwell

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