Baptist History: Church Planting

The eighteenth century proved a turning point for Baptists in America. In 1700 they could count only 24 churches with 839 members. That number included all kinds of Baptists, fewer than half were Regular or mainline Baptists. And by the end of the century, Baptists had become the largest denomination in America, according to one historian. By 1790 they numbered 979 churches having 67,490 members. (1)

What happened? Why such a great increase? Well, it could be attributed to the Great Awakening or the rapid migration of immigrants to the colonies. But the Baptists in America would never have grown if it weren’t for church-planting. Where would the new converts go if there weren’t a church in their area that taught the Bible? Where would the Welsh immigrants worship if there were no church in their community? Wouldn’t that be a problem, to be a new babe in the faith or be a foreigner living a place you have never seen before and have no Bible preaching, believing, and practicing Church.

These are the problems that we face today here in America. I believe pretty much everyone has heard from someone or maybe even said themselves that they wished there was a good church in their neighborhood–a church whose sole existence would be to get the gospel to the ENTIRE world, a church that would feed its flock (meaning verse-by-verse Bible teaching and preaching), and church that would be active in reaching its community (soul-winning). This type of church is what we need in every community across the country.

Please be in prayer and see what God has for you as we go forward together to start a church in Fulton County. Please pray that God would send a man to pastor this church who would have the same heart and the same views we have. Please pray about the upcoming special offering we will take this Christmas to start a church that would impact its community and the world.

(1) McBeth, H. L. (1987). The Baptist heritage (200). Nashville, TN: Broadman & Holman Publishers.

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