David Gardner’s prayer letter


Dear Pastors and Praying Friends,

Thank you all for your continued prayer and support while we are here in Peru.
God is continuing to do a work in Arequipa with all of the ministries we are involved in.

Medical Clinic

Once again, we had the opportunity to host a group from Pensacola Christian College here in Arequipa. We held a medical clinic at Omega Baptist Church’s facilities. It was a great time and we were able to see plenty of people with so many needs.

We started on a Monday morning and ended on Friday evening. With a group of 30 volunteers from the U.S., and plenty more translators, counselors and helpers from Peru, we were able to give medical attention to 1800 people. Between the medical attention and receiving their prescriptions, we sent them to counseling where we had the opportunity of sharing the Gospel with them. We thank God that there were almost 700 professions of faith during the week.

I want to ask you to pray that we will be able to send workers from the different churches in Arequipa to meet with these people and follow up with the ones that made professions of faith. We are excited that God allowed us to share the Gospel with so many. But it is our desire to see these people that did accept Christ, receive discipleship and grow into mature Christians. We will be handing out their information to different pastors in the city and hopefully we will see some long lasting fruit from this wonderful event.

Youth Ministry

I wanted to ask you to pray for the youth ministry at Omega Baptist Church. It has become one of the most fruitful and fastest growing ministries in the church. I thank God that He is allowing me to head the ministry up, but feel a great responsibility to help these young people reach spiritual maturity. We are studying through the book of Romans right now and God is blessing tremendously. Please pray for a few things with us:

Spiritual growth
Growth in numbers
(We want to see 100 in attendance by April of 2011)

Chloe’s Arrival

Our daughter, Chloe, will come into this world at any time now! The due date is around the 14th of July. Please pray that the delivery will go well and that the doctors will have the necessary wisdom to handle everything correctly.

Also pray that our support will continue to come in, as I am sure that many expenses will increase once she is here to consume formula and the many diapers that are required!

For His Glory,
David and Katie Gardner
Missionaries to Peru
Macedonia World Baptist Missions

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