knowing and still not understanding

Luke 2:50 And they understood not the saying which he spake unto them.

Jesus had just told Joseph and Mary that He had to be about His Father’s business. They heard it. Mary put it away in her heart and thought about it, but they didn’t understand.

What is really strange is that they knew before He was born who He was and what was going on. What happened? Could it be that getting caught up in the daily busyness of raising Jesus, living life, and even serving God that they forgot? Did they begin to take for granted what was going on? Did the memory of what God had done begin to grow dim?

How is it that we can know so much spiritually and then seem not to recognize exactly what we know? They know who Jesus is. They know who they are raising. They know that He is a miracle baby, miracle child, and that God has something super special for Him to do but they don’t recognize maybe the first step in that direction.

So the question comes, what do you know that you are not understanding! Have you begun to take the things of God too lightly? Are you forgetting what you know?

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  1. Personally so much pwer of God in my life,so many miracles or answered prayers in my life,but sure enough I lost the sight of Jesus.I really pay attention to everything I read in the bible.Somehow,I messed up,and tried to fix the problem and just got worst and is what I think happened(a man went down from jerusalem to jericho and fall among thieves,robbed him …and left him half dead.If i satyed in the church and did not work on sundays especialy after supplied all my needs for about 8 years straight(all of the needs).i was satified being saved,I got to see my wife saved,my 2 oldest kids saved.Saw so many other church members saved and now serving God.I know what my problem is.less of me and lot more of Jesus.I rephrase that,all for jesus.after all he find me half dead if not almost completely dead.
    Now that I know that,It is hard to fix everything at once.I wonder if the house is the owner,the car is the owner.lot of distructions.If there is anything I always ask for is prayers.Some guidness is ok.
    thanks alot for your prayers and all your support.

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