Happy Anniversary to Trent and Stephanie


Pastor Trent Cornwell and his wife Stephanie are celebrating 4 years of marriage today. God has really blessed this family. They have been greatly used of God in the ministry. They have influenced many lives for the cause of Christ.


God has just recently given them their second child, Tinsley. Their heart to raise their children for the Lord Jesus Christ is so inspiring. I have never known anyone with any more passion for the Lord Jesus Christ. Pastor Trent is a man of God in every way that you can think of. He has surrendered his life and hungers desperately every day to be just the man that God wants him to be.

Happy Anniversary to Trent and Stephanie. You could never understand how much I love and respect you. Thank you for all you do. You both of wonderful testimonies. You are being used of God. You are making a difference.

We hope that you have a super wonderful day! I pray God continues to use you and you continue to enjoy so much serving our King.

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