Whatever you want to happen!

Luke 1:38 And Mary said, Behold the handmaid of the Lord; be it unto me according to thy word. And the angel departed from her.

What an attitude! I think that if we are all honest we know that we seldom have this attitude. Mary gets word of what is about to happen to her. She will be pregnant out of wedlock. This will put her at risk even of death but definitely of gossip and mocking. She knows that people will talk and doubt. She knows that what is happening to her is not going to be pleasant at least for the short run but she says, I am your servant so do to me whatever you want.

That is the attitude we are to have before God. We can trust Him. It isn’t easy but He is always right and will give us the strength for whatever He sends our way.

We are His servants. The goal of our life is to do His will and to bring Him glory. That doesn’t happen on our time table or according to our list of desires. We are His servants and we are at His disposition.

That is a great lesson for all of us today. Help us to just yield to whatever God has for us. Help us to have a good and grateful attitude about it.

2 thoughts on “Whatever you want to happen!”

  1. before even got this message,or this scripture,I had to talk to my wife about the same thing.we ought to just serve God period and forget about what anybody think of us.i am so grateful that the Lord has saved my(was)miserable soul,not even just that he saved my wife,and get to see my children also saved.
    when i got saved,I knew that I have to serve him without exceptions,and I knew also about the trials and tribulations I will have in this world.What really I love about the word of God is not just the promises that sound good to our lives,but the other ones that none of us likes.It is lot i want to say about this,but I rather get up and start following God closely and be grateful.please pray for me and also for my wife.

  2. This is some good stuff. For God to choose Mary to bear His son, she had to be a Godly woman with a great hear. We need to be more like Mary was. She said “I am your servant, so do whatever you want”. We are to be His servants and do whatever he calls/wants us to do without asking why!

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